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Get to Know Us

"We need more places that allow kids to be kids; that provides real learning opportunities; and is a source for unexpected fun." This statement, by Jim Bland - Owner and Executive Director, led to the creation of Hershey Children's Museum. ​The museum is designed for experience flexibility, so exhibits can change without excessive down-time and cost, this way we can keep things fresh. Designed for families, with a mom's room for breastfeeding - complete with bottle warmer, fridge, microwave, play areas, change table, and more. Designed for safety with individual restrooms and combination access doors for restricted areas, Designed for groups with spaces for bag lunches and parking for busses. Designed for parties with two party rooms with balloons and vibrant colors as well as plates, forks, napkins, extra tables for food and gifts. We even designed it to include a toy store! ​


The owner, Jim Bland, served as a director/executive director/consultant for museums and schools for over ten-years. Hershey Children's Museum, LLC is his third business venture. Jim's work experience includes management in high-tech, manufacturing, and non-profits. Additionally, Jim taught marketing and management classes at the college level for over a decade.  ​Married for over 30 years (in a row), to his wife, Chris. Together, they have four children and a dog. Dani is an attorney for Duke University, Andrew is aeronautical engineer at Lockheed Martin, and Conor and Zachary - identical twins - working their way through the early teen years. The twins will be working at the museum select weekends. Lucy, a King Charles Cavalier Mix, is very good at sleeping and barking.  

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